June's New KPPPM Colors

Posted on June 20, 2016 by Susie Dippel | 0 Comments

These are June's new colors (from left to right): P142, P150B, P412 and P815. They are 15% off until June 27th.

P142 reminds me of wine, red wine. The streaks of gold contrast well with the pink, maroon and dark violet colors. I would love to see this as a cardigan.

P150B is all about speckles.  This combination of colors would look great for a large project, such as a sweater or a light blanket.

P412 has a lovely combination of medium to dark blues with a hint of green.  This would make a great hat or a pair of socks for the men in your life.

P815 is such a happy color.  Possible my favorite one this month.  I can see making a cowl or hat for the winter.  You'll smile every time you wear it.


July's New Colors

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