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You guessed it: Garlic Soup!

Posted on November 13, 2008 | 2 Comments

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Posted on September 02, 2008 | 5 Comments

The move's done!

We're in our new place, the old place has been cleared out, swept clean, and the keys were handed over to the new tenants on Sunday (poor, stupid students who accepted an apartment that hadn't been painted or updated in any way, I felt like shaking some sense into them but just wanted to get the hell out of there!). Our furniture is all here and mostly all set up, the new bed was delivered today (yay for a mattress  without a giant person-sized dent in it!), the new couch is coming Thursday, Ikea storage stuff next Tuesday . . . we're almost all set up. We even installed blinds in the bedroom already (had to, it is damn bright on the 10th floor! yay!), but the living room curtains haven't gone up yet, hopefully we'll do that this weekend.

There are still boxes and boxes of things lying around, mostly books (who knew I had so many books? Adam's the aspiring writer, yet I easily have 5x as many books as he does (and only half of those are knitting books)), we have no cable or internet access yet (I'm stealing a neighbor's wireless right now), but the kitchen is almost completely set up. So much so that we went to Fairway and stocked up (they deliver for only $8, I wish I had known that 2 years ago!!) and I made the new place's first food:

Roasted Tomatoes!

I've been wanting to make these ever since I saw the post about them on Smitten Kitchen, and I knew that my new apartment's full-size oven (as opposed to the toy-sized one in the old place) was just begging to be broken in! They came out so good I couldn't help but eat a bunch right out of the baking sheet, and will definitely be using them in some pasta dishes this week!

Here's a closeup:

Sigh. I love my new camera.

The new apartment's not half bad, either.

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