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FOs and resurrected projects

Posted on March 07, 2008 | 4 Comments

I did promise FOs upon my return from Dallas, and here's the first one! Forgive the awful picture, my sister does not like having her picture taken so I kind of stealthily sole this shot at dinner. . .
I knit this for my Adriana's birthday present, this is my 3rd Halfobi and I wouldn't be surprised if I make more of them in the future. It's so easy and quick, and it goes with everything!

This one used Koigu in color P432 held together with Karabella Lace Cashmere in color 88. Here's a much better shot of the true color:

Sis loved it and I'm sure she'll get tons of wear out of it!

I also finished something else . . . .

This is the big one, folks. I ended up using 10.5 skeins of yarn and I'm hoping it blocks out to 6 feet square (it might be a little less but that should be fine) . . . the blocking won't happen for a while, but I sure am relieved to know the chuppah will be done before July!!

As for the resurrected project, I wonder if anyone will recognize this:

That's right, I picked Katherine Hepburn back up and almost finished the 2nd sleeve. Amazing how much I got done, actually, makes me wonder why I let it sit for so long . . . oh yeah, cuz it got really BORING after not much time! Hopefully, since there's only one front and the rest of this sleeve to do, I'll manage to get this one off the WIP list in no time . . . we'll see.

I'm going to try to post more frequently again -- I haven't been feeling well lately and even though it hasn't affected my knitting output, it makes me want to zone out on the couch which doesn't lend itself to blogging . . . hopefully this will clear up and I'll be back to my old won't-shut-up self.

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