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Launching a Craft Collaboration

Posted on November 26, 2015 | 0 Comments

Happy Thanksgiving!  This year is the first time I am making a turkey breast instead of a whole turkey.  We figured the breast is better for those turkey sandwiches we enjoy after the holiday is over.  But I will miss having the drumstick.  And last year I cooked the turkey upside down - it was very moist and delicious since the fat dripped into the bird rather than into the pan. But no matter how small the turkey it was always too much food for us.

What else is going on today? Thanksgiving marks the launch of knitting kits that are the collaboration by three Etsy sellers: Lexicorp , One Geek to Craft Them All (link) and Chiagu (that's me!).  We created three kits to knit Christmas ornaments inspired by your favorite superheroes:  Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman!



What's in the kit? The yarn, pattern, stitch markers and a project bag to put everything in.  All you need to provide are the knitting needles. It's fun to make and a great gift to give the geek/nerd knitter in your life. They are available at the Lexicorp Etsy shop. Go take a look!

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