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Knitting on the beach

Posted on April 06, 2009 | 0 Comments

In my last-minute scramble to pack up and leave for the weekend, I tossed DPNs and two skeins of Sock Hop yarn in my purse and ran out the door to catch the cab for the airport on Friday morning at 6am. Winding the yarn on a plastic chair in Jet Blue's new terminal in JFK (very nice, btw), I realized this yarn is just as gorgeous as I had dreamed and hoped as I kept stalking it online. I was not one of the lucky few who were able to score some when Crown Mountain Farms put up more stock, but I was finally able to score two skeins of the "Brown Eyed Girl" colorway from a fellow Raveler last year. When it arrived in the mail I remember thinking, "this is gorgeous!" but then I promptly stuck it in the sock yarn pile and haven't really thought about it much since . . .

What a mistake!

This stuff is truly gorgeous. It feels great in the hands, knits up very evenly (for a handspun yarn), and the COLORS! Oh, the colors are awe-inspiring. This particular color isn't something I would normally swoon over, and I don't typically enjoy this shade of cinnamon/peachy brown, but the gradations are so gorgeous and the striped effect so subtle, I can't seem to put it down! The picture you see above was taken on our second day in Aruba, when I hadn't yet turned the heel . . . that sock is now finished and its mate has a good few inches on the leg, and I can't wait to get it finished.

I was hoping to get to wear them once before the weather turns, but today's yucky rainy weather is making me question whether I'd rather get to wear the socks or get nice weather to start already . . . and at the moment, while nursing a massive head cold and wet from the knees down after to my trek outside to get a sandwich for lunch, I'm leaning towards the latter.

Heck, if I have to turn on the A/C to wear these socks, they're totally worth it!

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