Swatching for Memories of Ukraine

Posted on April 30, 2009 | 1 Comment

My friend Lidia Karabinech contributed a sweater pattern to Barbara Albright's wonderful (and sadly, last) book The Natural Knitter. Her sweater's called "Memories of Ukraine" and features her favorite one-piece construction. Here's the picture from the book:

The book's version is knit in linen, and Lidia knit herself a version in silk straw (very weird yarn, Habu-like even!), and one for her daughter from Koigu. Since it's such a textural pattern it really looks drastically different depending on what yarn you use, and having seen it in a few versions I knew I wanted to use something close to the original linen. After going stash diving, I found some Schaefer Susan in the color Althea Gibson and thought PERFECT! Here's the pre-blocking swatch:

This picture came out a little dark, the middle color is more like straw than the brown that it looks here, but you get the idea. I only have 2 skeins of this yarn, so not enough for the sweater in the 2nd size (36.5" bust), but I'm planning to take off the funnel neck and see if that does it . . . if not, I'll shorten the sleeves too!

The swatch is drying on the window sill so I'm not yet sure whether I got gauge, but it looks pretty good so far . . .

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