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It's Inventory Time...

Posted on January 28, 2016 | 0 Comments

When Vogue Knitting Live officially ends at 4pm on Sunday there is a mad rush by all the vendors to pack up their booth.  Those who traveled to the show have to deal with the package delivery services once their boxes and pallets are ready.  We locals dealt with getting all our stuff into a rental car on a snowy evening.

I took a couple of days off to recoup and then started an extended inventory.  This means counting and reviewing yarn colors, knitting kits, project bags, and yes, even patterns.  I'm running a bit behind with photos, but once they are done updates will happen in both shops, probably this weekend.  Believe me, I am making sure that next year the photos are done before Vogue Knitting Live takes place.

I also review the comments and requests that customers gave me.  Color-wise there will be new kits and new samples.  There are many new ideas for bags that hold your knitting, crochet, and drop spinning. There will (finally) be new patterns.  And of course I need to put an order in for more Koigu. A big thanks to Koigu for making sure I got more beautiful colors in time for the Vogue show.

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Yarn SALE!

Posted on November 27, 2015 | 0 Comments

Save 15% on yarn - use code BF15. Ends Mon, Nov 30 11:59pm, EST.

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2015 - Time for a change

Posted on January 05, 2015 | 0 Comments

January 2015 marks a change in ownership at Chiagu.

Ivete Tecedor, founder of Chiagu, is currently concentrating on her new business venture Gotham Quilts.  Operating two online businesses is quite time consuming, so much so that Ivete chose to sell Chiagu to me.

Ivete and I have many things in common: we both are long time knitters, we worked in popular NYC yarn stores and have taught hundreds of people how to knit. We also have two hobbies in common since I am a quilting novice. (Imagine the yarn and fabric stash!)

How much will Chiagu change? Not much - in fact I really hope to build upon Ivete's work. Many of the current patterns are Ivete's original designs and they will stay with Chiagu.  We're also keeping Ivete's blog entries which are all the entries prior to Dec 31, 2014.  I first got to know Ivete through her blog and I'm glad to keep her lively and informative posts.  

As for me, I'm working on new patterns for Chiagu.  And I look forward to curating beautiful handpainted and hand-dyed yarn for the Mini Skein Club. The January package is almost ready for the trip to their new homes.

And today you get two blog posts because Chiagu will be part of a fun event in mid-January.  Read on....

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Happy One Year Anniversary!

Posted on April 11, 2013 | 0 Comments

This week I shipped out the April shipment of my Koigu Mini Skeins Club and celebrated because that was the 12th shipment! That means it's the one-year anniversary of my little club!

By my best estimate, I've made about four thousand minis so far. Is that crazy or what!?!?

It's been super fun to make (and play with!) the minis each month and see what you've all made with them. I'm looking forward to going into Year 2 of the club.


For next year, the club will continue in the same format as for the first year, except that the price is going up. On May 1st, the base price will go up from $20/month to $22/month.

But don't worry! If you're a current member, you're grandfathered into the original price and will continue to pay the same amount you've been paying.


Have you been considering joining? If so you should do so before the price goes up on May 1st! Lock in last year's price by signing up now.

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Posted on March 18, 2013 | 0 Comments

Look at what I managed to score from The Loopy Ewe! Wollmeise!


This is possibly the only useful thing about following businesses on Facebook: The Loopy Ewe puts on their FB page that they upload Wollmeise stock, and I happened to be on FB within a half hour of the update, so when I clicked through there were still a few skeins left! Score!

What you see above is Wollmeise Pure (the 100% wool sock base) in color Aspen Tree. It's super pretty and bright the way Wollmeise always is, and I know exactly what sock design I'm going to knit it up into! And as of last week I've been on a knitting/finishing kick, so it may even turn into a pair of socks sometime very very soon . . .


In other news, Arnold isn't remotely impressed by the Wollmeise score.

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