I love thunderstorms

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We're in the midst of our first huge summer thunderstorm right now, and I'm really loving it. I have the window wide open so I can get as much of its sound and smell as possible . . . times like these I wish I had a house with a big front porch to sit on and watch the rain come down . . .

The perfect pairing for this glorious thunderstorm is the new yarn I'm knitting right now, Duet Sock Yarns in Puddle Drop (purchased from The Loopy Ewe, natch):

This picture shows both the main color and the small contrast color skein. The colors are pretty accurate in this shot, in real life the yarn's slightly more green than it appears here perhaps. I've already wound it and start the toe on a new sock design, and I have to say knitting with this yarn is a dream! The semi-solid contrast color looks stonewashed when it's knit up, and the multi? The multi is breathtaking.


I am ridiculously proud of this photo, by the way.

This skein is hands-down my current favorite skein of yarn on the planet. I can't stop looking at it, and now that I'm about to start knitting it into my sock design, I am even more in love with it than before. I hope that every time I wear these socks I'll remember this awesome thunderstorm and the peaceful feeling I have right now . . .

(Aside: wow I'm a dork!)

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