Settling in.

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The apartment's coming right along -- our couch was delivered today and the cable and internet were hooked up yesterday. The TV/internet is especially good news, because a few days without either led to a lot of voyeuristic behavior I didn't know I had in me . . . although it started innocently enough when we discovered we could clearly see our neighbor's giant flat panel TV across the way, it quickly deteriorated into trying to figure out if he was wearing any pants as he did the dishes . . . see for yourself:

Hum, I just noticed you can see a second TV at the bottom of this shot, too! But those people have blinds, the shirtless guy doesn't have anything up in his windows! If you're curious it did turn out he was wearing pants, by the way.

Anyway. With hopes of getting everything unpacked, I spent a few hours last night setting up my desk and trying to put the yarn away. Trying being the operative word. This is what I have so far as my office/yarn area in a corner of our bedroom:

What you can't see in this shot is the 2 giant bins full of yarn that are on the floor with nowhere to go, and the pile of extra yarn that didn't fit into these cubes or the bins. I guess I need to knit faster.

Since I had to decide where to put each thing, I decided to think it through and put things in logical places; the summer yarn, which I know I won't be touching until next year, went into the extra bins. The almost-done projects went into the tops of the cubes, with not-as-done ones lower down and not-yet-started-ones at the bottom. I figure if I can see this stuff more easily, I might just work on it! Which would definitely be a step in the right direction . . .

While watching Project Runway last night I finished a super-boring scarf in 1x1 rib for Adam, to replace an identical one that has angora in it that he wears even though it sheds all over him. He seemed really happy with it when I handed it to him, we'll see whether that translates into submitting to an FO shot wearing it (I really doubt it)! I am also almost finished with the 2nd cowl, and would have been done already had I not bought a book that I then couldn't put down . . . I'm aiming to finish it tonight.

Which reminds me that I owe you guys a picture and pattern for the feather and fan cowl. I will try to get that up this weekend, sorry for the delay! Who knows, maybe I'll even do the same for the second cowl . . .

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