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Posted on July 10, 2009 by knittingpatterns4you | 2 Comments

Folks, I think my Koigu problem is only getting worse, not better. Here's the batch I couldn't say no to yesterday, and I'm almost 100% sure that one of these colors is already in my stash. And I thought of that before I bought it, and bought it anyway. They're just so pretty!

I'm definitely making a shawlette for me out of the 410 (the purplish red color on the bottom left), maybe my next design will use this color. It's a perfect blend for me, dark enough to not wash me out and colorful enough to not be boring to knit with! And as a bonus, it seems to photograph well, which is something I so struggle with when it comes to knitting designs in colors I want to wear. Seems like a winner all around! And yes, that's the one I'm pretty sure I already own . . .

I'm going to a wedding in Vermont this weekend so that'll be like 10 hours of car knitting roundtrip, most of it with daylight . . . gotta plan what I'm bringing to knit so I don't end up bored and/or running out! That would be just awful.

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Rhichard Devrieze
Rhichard Devrieze

July 11, 2009

Just loving how excited you get over our yarns. Can’t wait to see what you knitted on the way to and from Vermont. Did you ever see the Mori in 729 ? Just curious to see what you thought of it.

Best wishes,


July 11, 2009

Gorgeous new yarn!! great colourways, for sure.

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