New Pattern: The S3 Hat

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A little later than I intended but the new pattern is ready! Let me introduce you to the Super Simple Slouch, otherwise known as the S3 Hat:

I've been wearing this hat pretty much every day and it's everything I wanted: slouchy while not being ridiculously so, super warm, and pretty stylish. I knit this one using two strands of Shibui Sock held together and love the subtle tone-on-tone variation that it gave the finished hat. It also creates a drapey fabric that has some real heft to it and keeps your head toasty warm. I like to wear the hat as shown in this picture, pulled all the way down to my eyebrows and covering my ears all the way too -- no need to wear a scarf when your hat covers this much of the back of your head!

To test the pattern I actually knit two more of these as I often do. The one I knit in Malabrigo turned out REALLY great too:

One skein of Malabrigo will make the whole giant hat, even in the large size. Not bad huh? I love the way Malabrigo feels in simple stockinette, so smooth it almost feels fulled! Unfortunately this hat clashes terribly with my main winter coat so it hasn't gotten as much wear as the chocolate brown one . . .

The hat pattern includes two sizes. It's knit in one piece from the bottom up with no finishing, just weave in the ends and plop it on your head! I'd say about 4 hours of knitting is all it takes to get this fun stylish hat.

The pattern is available for sale as an immediate PDF download for $4.00. You can buy either from my shopping cart or through Ravelry.

Any questions just ask! Enjoy!

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