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Yea, seems like it's Yarn Diet time.

Posted on August 28, 2008 | 2 Comments

According to our moving plan, last night was the time to pack up all my yarn into garbage bags and take it to the new place. I rationalized that the yarn is so bulky yet so light-weight that it would be silly to have the movers take it, so decided to move it myself beforehand. I estimated I would have about 6 garbage bags full of yarn once I condensed it all . . . yeah, try 9 bags. Heavy, overly-full, large size garbage bags.

There was an entire garbage bag full of just sock yarn.

And one of odds and ends.

The moment of truth last night went something like this: Hi, I'm Ivete, and I buy too much yarn.

So I'm declaring a moratorium on yarn buying until the new year. Four months seems like a completely-doable and yet slightly scary length of time to commit to, yet completely appropriate given just how much yarn I have. Deep down I know I probably won't make it the whole way, but I will count my Diet a success if I do a good job of finishing some outstanding projects and, more importantly, publish some new patterns. Hopefully those two goals will lead to a shrinking stash, too!

In all honesty, the amount of yarn I have isn't the real issue. If I were being productive and releasing patterns at a faster rate, this quantity of yarn would seem reasonable, even appropriate. But considering how far short I've fallen off my self-publishing goals, it's easy to see that I make myself feel better by buying more yarn, which then distracts me from the almost-finished designs and then makes me feel bad again. It's a vicious cycle and I don't like it! I blamed my lack of production during the last 6 months on wedding planning, but the truth is that I could have been more productive than I was, I just didn't know how to motivate myself to do it. I'm not sure I know the answer now, but I do know that shiny new yarn is a gigantic motivator!

So here's to more output and less buying. Hopefully the blog, and all you faithful readers, will benefit from my Diet as well.

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