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July's New Colors

Posted on July 13, 2016 | 0 Comments July's New Colors

These are July's new colors (from left to right): P224, P330, and P950. They are 15% off until July 22nd.


When I saw P224, dye lot 134, for the first time my mind immediately thought "Cherry blossoms!". There are beautiful ranges of pinks with touches of red. It is gorgeous on its own (shawls anyone?) or paired with navy or with cream for a striped scarf.


Initially P330, dye lot 86, reminded me of fall colors but as I walked around my neighborhood I saw very tall sunflowers in the exact yellow, gold, and brown/black of this color. Perhaps a ribbed top that takes you from late summer into and throughout the fall season?


And P950, dye lot 87, reminds me of the beach.  It's not a white sand beach but a tan beach with bits of color all over.  I can see this as a lightweight, loose top - maybe a v-neck with sleeves that go past the wrist.

Don't forget to read the next post - we are introducing some other Koigu products!

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June's New KPPPM Colors

Posted on June 20, 2016 | 0 Comments

These are June's new colors (from left to right): P142, P150B, P412 and P815. They are 15% off until June 27th.

P142 reminds me of wine, red wine. The streaks of gold contrast well with the pink, maroon and dark violet colors. I would love to see this as a cardigan.

P150B is all about speckles.  This combination of colors would look great for a large project, such as a sweater or a light blanket.

P412 has a lovely combination of medium to dark blues with a hint of green.  This would make a great hat or a pair of socks for the men in your life.

P815 is such a happy color.  Possible my favorite one this month.  I can see making a cowl or hat for the winter.  You'll smile every time you wear it.


Start of Summer sale - save 25%

Posted on May 31, 2016 | 0 Comments

Hi all - To celebrate the start of summer (and to start making room for new yarn), use the code "Summer25" and save 25% off Koigu KPPPM.  Sale runs May 25-27.

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Vogue Knitting Summer 2016 Trunk Show at La Casita

Posted on May 26, 2016 | 0 Comments


Last week one of my local yarn stores, La Casita, hosted the Vogue Knitting Summer 2016 trunk show.  Trisha Malcolm brought the projects featured in the magazine.  

I love going to these events. The garments are there for you to look at and try on. Usually the item is knit in the smallest size - that means I get to try on accessories more than garments.  All the pieces featured in the magazine went to Vogue Knitting Live in Pasadena last weekend and some of them didn't make it back in time for this event. Out of the items I saw these three were my favorites:


Drop Stitch column design by Wei Wilkins (page 37). We all though that if you made this tank top longer it would be a great pool or beach coverup.


Graphic patterns pullover by Katharine Hunt (page 59). It's knit in a mercerized cotton and looked terrific.


Deconstructed cable tunic by Pat Olski (page 54 ). The construction of this piece looks intriguing.

During the event I posted a couple of videos of the trunk show on Instagram and Periscope.   I highly recommend going to a Vogue Knitting trunk show or runway show. Not only do you see how the garments drapes, flow, and "act", Trisha discusses how designs and garments are developed.

Do you have a favorite design from this issue?

Recap: Long Island Fleece and Fiber Fair 2016

Posted on May 19, 2016 | 0 Comments

This past Saturday my friends and I attended the Long Island Fleece and Fiber Fair (LIFFF) which is sponsored by the Hallockville Museum.  We took a bus out to Riverhead and were pleasantly surprised by sunny weather. 

Size is the difference between this event and the New York Sheep and Wool Festival (Rhinebeck).  Most people I know go to Rhinebeck to buy yarn and fleece. Every so often they take a quick detour through the animal barns. At LIFFF you see and learn the history behind the fiber crafts and your shopping can be done in less than an hour.


LIFF animals

We did a quick round of shopping and went to visit the animals. I used Periscope to live stream the sheep, llamas, places, and cows. If you have the app I believe to can see it since Periscope recent started to save the streams (username: soozenyc).  

We just missed Tabbethia from Long Island Livestock Company shear a llama but we did have the chance to talk about natural dyeing with museum volunteer, Colette.  She encouraged us to save our avocado skins and pits if were want to dye some pink yarn.


Knit n Wine

In our goody bag there was a coupon for a free wine tasting at the Martha Clara Winery which was on the other side of a busy road.  We managed to cross safely and grabbed some lunch before having some wine.  We enjoyed our "knit n wine" so much that we each purchased a specialized flight of wine sampling ("Aromatic", "Estate", "Library").

The day got cooler and cloudier as late afternoon approached.  Driving back into Manhattan on a Saturday evening was a traffic nightmare but the delay helped us narrow our restaurant choices for dinner (yay internet!).


Momosan Ramen Sake Chiagu Blog

We ended our day at Momosan by enjoying delicious bowls of ramen noodles.  We passed on the sake selection since we already had wine with our lunch.  But will are definitely going back to try the sake!

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